Hamburg Nights

Music composed, performed, programmed, mixed, produced and mastered by Andrew Macaulay.
Video created and edited by Andrew Macaulay. Original clips from StoryBlocks and Videvo.
Cover by Andrew Macaulay. Original artwork © Andrei Radzkou |

Equipment Used:
  • Instruments: Arturia Modular V2, Mini V3, Synclavier V, DX7 V and Spark Vintage Drum Machine; KV331 SynthMaster2; Applied Acoustics Ultra Analog VA-2; Waldorf Attack Drums; and Cakewalk Rapture, Rapture Pro and Z3TA+2.
  • Keyboards/Controllers: Arturia KeyLab88, Arturia KeyLab49, ROLI Seaboard RISE25 and Novation LaunchControl XL.