Electronic Music Composer and Synthesizer Software Designer

Using a variety of synthesizers, sequencers and effects including custom software synthesizer modules that he has developed and are available commercially, Andrew composes, programmes, performs, mixes, engineers, produces and masters all his own material.

2022-10 Profile With Kit HiRes [Anete #10]

“My music explores synthesis, sequencing and melody, often with contrasting and complementary soundscapes and rhythms, reflecting and being influenced by the Berlin School movement of electronic music, ambient and electronica.”

Andrew Macaulay's Logo

Andrew’s album “The Isolation of Connection” is available on all the major streaming and digital platforms.

Andrew Macaulay Modules

Andrew also develops a range of over 100 software synthesizer modules for Voltage ModularCherry Audio’s powerful software modular synthesizer available for Windows and macOS.

More information about all the modules can be found on the Andrew Macaulay Modules web site and users of Voltage Modular can purchase modules individually and in bundles from the Cherry Audio Store.