Hamburg Nights [Single]

Music composed, performed, programmed, mixed, produced and mastered by Andrew Macaulay.
Video created and edited by Andrew Macaulay. Original clips from StoryBlocks and Videvo.
Cover by Andrew Macaulay. Original artwork © Andrei Radzkou |

Equipment Used:
  • Instruments: Arturia Modular V2, Mini V3, Synclavier V, DX7 V and Spark Vintage Drum Machine; KV331 SynthMaster2; Applied Acoustics Ultra Analog VA-2; Waldorf Attack Drums; and Cakewalk Rapture, Rapture Pro and Z3TA+2.
  • Keyboards/Controllers: Arturia KeyLab88, Arturia KeyLab49, ROLI Seaboard RISE25 and Novation LaunchControl XL.