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As I have many ideas already for improvements to the current modules and for new modules, I have decided to put together a page which provides some insight into some of this. I will be keeping some ideas “secret” until they are ready for beta or full release, but want to keep the ongoing evolution of the various collections and modules as open as possible.
Note that I am not going to commit to any times for the roadmap, as I am also working on my own music and moving this towards publishing it. Also inclusion on the roadmap, and expected releases, does not commit me to include these features/modules, it just reflects my intent at this point.

Now underway: this release focuses on improvements to existing modules but may include some new small general utility modules. These listed improvements are now largely complete and in testing.
1. Improved Log-Scale Knobs and Selectable New Mid-Point
For all of existing modules which have time-based (millisecond) controls (for example the Envelopes, Gate Time processor, etc.) I have changed the internal workings of the logarithmic controls to use the new features in Voltage Modular so that they are more consistent with other modules.
These knobs have the mid point set to 750ms by default and also allow user selected mid-point to 250ms (as seen on Sequential Circuits Prophets), 300ms (as seen on ARP Odyssey), 500ms (as seen on Oberheim synths), 750ms (as seen on the MiniMoog), 1s (as seen on many vintage modulars), 1.25s and a fully LINEAR mode. In addition there is a “legacy” option which sets the mid-point to 25% of the maximum, which is automatically set if a legacy preset/save is loaded.
2. New Option for minimum 2ms timing/gate width on some modules
I am adding a configuration option that locks the minimum time for e.g. Gate width, Attack time and Decay/Release time from 0ms (used currently) to optionally be set to 2ms to avoid clicks. This is configured, together with the mid-point selection, with a new UI model as an “OPTIONS” dialog opened by a config (cog-wheel) button.
3. Changed UI for help pop-up dialogs
The help message boxes implemented in Release 2 for a small number of more complex modules has been replaced with a in-module pop-up text display, similar in look and feel to the configuration settings pop-up in 2.
4. New Release Notes Dialog Box
For all of the modules where significant changes have been made, and something that I will carry forward as other modules are changed, the first time a module is used (or the updated module is used), a dialog box will be presented with a summary of the major features/changes. Once dismissed this message will not come up again until a new version is released.
5. Additional stop/start/sync features on the Clock Generator
Whilst updating the preset saving behaviour for the Clock Generator, I am also adding new start, stop and sync features as well as the min 2ms setting described below (especially useful when using trim/CV controlled width).
6. Configuration File for customisation of some of the defaults
As many of these new features are to tailor the modules to individual user preferences, a new .conf file is created and then used by them to allow a user to have different default values set for the mid-point behaviour and the 0 or 2ms minimum gate/attack/decay/release times. It also allows the release notes and in-built help features to be disabled. The file has help in it to make it easy to use. The Global Options button on the configuration screens provides details of where the file will be on a specific machine.

There are a number of modules which I am hoping will make the cut for R3, depending on how they evolved and if they do not slow down this release significantly (i.e. no promises!), including:
1. Simple MIDI Monitor Module
As I am starting to develop some MIDI-based modules (future releases), having a MIDI Monitor is invaluable to my development efforts, and it makes sense to release this into the Utilities Collection.
2. Delayed LFO Module
Building on the Envelope Collection, I am looking at adding a Delayed LFO module which brings together a number of features from different modules for this specific capability. This, and the following module, are very much aimed at improving the “playability” of the system.
3. Keyboard Control/Delay Module
A more complex module, probably without the LFO, but with the ability to bring together multiple CVs which could be keyboard mod wheel, aftertouch together with a delayed envelope (as per the Delayed LFO) in multiple ways to allow easy configuration of how the master keyboard interacts with e.g. LFO, filter frequency, etc.
Note that, depending on whether these make the cut, and the complexity and pricing point for these two modules (2 and 3), the price for the Envelope Collection may be increased as part of Release 3. Existing users of the Envelope Collection (or the Ultimate Collection) will get these new modules for no additional cost.

For the release/s following R3, I currently have plans/ideas for around five new modules, with these all likely to be included in existing collections at no additional cost to existing users. Some collection prices may be increased for new purchases to reflect the new modules. After that release, I already have ideas and mock-ups for a completely new collection with a set of new modules as part of “R4”, which will still be in the control and utility space of my modules. Expect more news on these releases to be made available following the next release.
The aim is for these to be included in a major new release of the collections, as I don’t want to hold up the above enhancements just for these. Given the scope of the ideas I have, it may be that they are released across a number of separate releases, depending on the level of testing/complexity in them.
With some of these modules, which will likely be my most complex modules to date, I am definitely thinking about making them available for beta testing before their full release.

Completed April 2019

I already have four new Utility, Metering and Switch modules which I am testing and will be releasing as R2 towards the end of March 2019. This release also features the following enhancements, as well as a set of fixes and other minor updates:
Pattern Ratcheter: adding a “master” gate-time control to this, alongside the existing per-step gate times. COMPLETE
Gate Delay: adding a gate-sense timing input to add to the existing manual and Host-based BPM controls. COMPLETE

I will soon be making all of the modules available as individual items in the store, as well as changing the Ultimate Collection to be a bundle of bundles rather than a bundle of the individual modules. This should not affect any existing purchases and is being done to simplify management of the growing set of modules for the future.

As well as the technical work, I will continue to update the website, with the aim of providing help for each module which can then be accessed from the modules themselves. The aim will be to start with the more complex or less obvious modules first, once the process has been established.
This is now complete! Help pages for all the modules is accessible from the modules in Voltage Modular from the right-click menu, and from this site.

I already have some ideas for new presets to show the use of the various modules – these will be released as they are updated and aren’t tied to a specific release. The aim will be to get coverage of all collections first, and then to build out to include all major modules.
Tutorials have now been provided for all collections, covering the majority of modules.

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