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This page will capture and maintain information on any known significant issues in the modules, together with their status and any workarounds. It should be read in conjunction with the Release Notes page which will provide updates on fixes, etc. that form part of any major release.

Note that, when I do a release, I will only publish the modules if I am unaware of any issues at that point, or if any outstanding issues are minor and have easy workarounds that do not affect their normal use.

Status: No Known Issues
Last updated 3rd December 2019.

Issue #7: VC-Envelope Sustain Time knob flickers [01/12/2019] *CLOSED*
Problem: Voltage Controlled Envelope’s “Sustain Time” knob flickers on Windows PCs when you mouse across it when it is disabled, i.e. when the mode is Single Shot, or either of the AHD modes.
Status: Fixed 03/12/2019 in build 16 of VC-Envelope

Issue #6: Trigger Sync and Gate Toggle [20/03/2019] *CLOSED*
Problem: A number of issues with LED and state behaviours especially when removing jacks and saving/loading state/presets.
Status: Fixed 24/03/2019

Issue #5: Gate Length Processor, Clock Generator, Trigger Delay and VC Envelope BPM-Related State not restored [20/03/2019] *CLOSED*
Problem: When saving and loading presets which were using the BPM-divider timings, the loading of the preset would sometimes not work. This was related to the state the module is in when loading the preset.
Workaround: A workaround is to load the preset twice which recovers the BPM-based timing if it failed first time.
Status: Fixed 24/03/2019, and the load limitation (see note) should have been removed completely as part of Release 3 of the modules.
Note: The first time you load a BPM-based save, you may still need to load it twice. Once you have loaded, resave the preset to permanently fix the issue. This should no longer be required as R3 reworked the load process.

Issue #4: Manual Trigger State not restored [05/03/2019] *CLOSED*
Problem: On Manual Trigger module set up Trigger 1 as latched, Connect Trigger 1 gate to Gated Signal module Gate 1 input, Click Trigger 1 (trigger button turns green), Notice Gated Signal indicator light is on, Save Preset, Load Preset, Notice Trigger 1 is still on but Gated Signal indicator light is off.
Status: Fixed 07/03/2019

Issue #3: Last Gate on Pattern Ratcheter Silent [04/03/2019] *CLOSED*
Problem: The individual out for last beat in AndyMac’s 8-Step Pattern Ratcheter is always silent. IOW, with Steps/Beat set to 4, individual Outs for 1 through 3 can send a trigger but step 4 does not. This means the individual out for step 8 never works. [Thanks to scook for reporting]
Status: Fixed 04/03/2019

Issue #2: Voltage/Tempo Display Not Refreshing [28/02/2019] *CLOSED*
Problem: When loaded in Voltage Modular as a plugin to Cubase 10 on Windows the displays sometimes don’t refresh automatically. On Cakewalk (which I also have) it seems to be working fine.
Fix/Workaround: Simply clicking on the module will update the display. Obviously this is far from ideal, but does make them usable for now.
Status: Closed: It looks like the problem has “gone away” with the latest version of Voltage Modular. I’ve got a rework of the displays on these two modules on the backlog to protect from similar issues in the future.

Issue #1: Pattern Ratcheter [24/02/2019] *CLOSED*
Problem: When loading a preset which uses the Clock-In for synchronising the speed of the ratcheting, the trigger won’t work immediately. Sometimes it will sort itself out, sometimes the first set of gates generated will be really slow and sometimes it will not react at all.
Fix/Workaround: The very simple workaround is to cycle the input mode switch, back to the BPM CV input, host/DAW input and back to the Clock In setting. This will resolve the issue and does not lose ANY of the other settings in the process.
Status: Fixed 28/02/2019

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