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A voltage-controlled evolution of the 8×8 Matrix Switch, with manual switching of 8 inputs into 8 outputs and manual/voltage-controlled switching of the rows. With flexible routing of the control voltages and switches (allowing linking into groups), the unit can be used as a 8x 8-into-1, an 8-into-8 and anything between (i.e. a 2x  8-into-4) switch.

Patching the control points automatically sets up the most likely grouping, but full control is also available. Includes smoothing on all switches to remove “pops” when in CV/Audio mode and new Gate processing mode that converts the column inputs into gates (<2.5V is off, >= 2.5V is on) before combining these based on the matrix and limiting outputs to 0V (off) or 5V (on).  Additional ease of use features are included such as a button to switch ALL of the matrix off (including full Undo support).

Voltage Controlled Matrix Switch module front panel with labels

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