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Release 3: five new modules and further enhancements

The latest release of Andrew Macaulay’s Modules, Release 3, includes five brand new modules, significant enhancements to nine existing modules plus fixes and other updates to existing modules.

This update brings the number of Voltage Modular modules available from Andrew Macaulay to 36 in total, all of which are included in the Ultimate Bundle collection.

And, as there are some brand new capabilities in the Envelope Collection (specifically, LFO-based modules) this collection has been renamed the Envelope and LFO Collection!

The five new modules are:

  • MIDI Display: a simple MIDI display utility with filtering by channel and message type. Included in the General Utilities Collection and Ultimate Bundle.
  • CV Delay and Triple CV Processor: provides a Delay and Fade envelope with multiple slope types, timings for the delay and fade can be set manually or sync’d to BPM, with three channels to process CVs e.g. LFOs, noise, etc. based on the delay plus up to 3 additional CVs. Included in the Envelope and LFO Collection and Ultimate Bundle.
  • Delay LFO: builds on the CV Delay module, replacing the triple-CV processing channels with an LFO with multiple waveforms and optional host-sync’d speeds and two other CV inputs. Included in the Envelope and LFO Collection and Ultimate Bundle.
  • Mini-Delay LFO: A simplified and smaller version of the Delayed LFO module with a Delay and Fade envelope with manually set times and linear-only fader which can be mixed with up to two other CV inputs. Included in the Envelope and LFO Collection and Ultimate Bundle.
  • Wave Mixer: providing blended, additive and AM-style mixing of audio or LFO waves from any device, all with CV control, providing for wave shaping and wave folding type capabilities. Included in the Switches and Mixers Collection and Ultimate Bundle.

All these new modules and enhancement are provided free for existing users – the next time you use Voltage Modular they will be downloaded, or you will be notified of them (if you have that option enabled).

Further details at Andrew Macaulay’s Modules. Documentation and help is available for all the modules on the help pages available here and further details of the changes are available in the Release Notes for R3.

Andrew Macaulay

Andrew Macaulay is an electronic music composer/player/producer and a developer of music software in the form of modules for Voltage Modular by Cherry Audio.

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