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Release 3 of the module Collections coming soon

I have now completed the updates to existing modules, and am in the final stage of testing these – especially making sure that preset migration from earlier versions is seamless for users. I also have a number of modules that may make the cut for Release 3 but will see how easy development of these ideas is in the coming days.

Once all have been completed and tested at my end, it is then over to Cherry Audio for their testing and QA process to get the modules/collections ready for release. I will providing an update as soon as I have sent them in for testing, and will be able to talk about any new modules being included.

In the meantime, I am updating the product roadmap to talk more about the significant enhancements that are coming in this release, as well outlining the new modules that I am considering for incorporation in Release 3.

It is also worth saying that, depending on what new modules make the cut (their complexity and individual prices), I may be increasing prices of some of the Collections with Release 3. For existing users of collections, any new modules for these collections in R3 will be included for no additional cost, so if you are interested in but have not yet bought any collections, now is an excellent time to buy! Visit the Cherry Audio store for more details.

Andrew Macaulay

Andrew Macaulay is an electronic music composer/player/producer and a developer of music software in the form of modules for Voltage Modular by Cherry Audio.

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